All Artwork © Be-Art  1980-2017 Bradley Arthur sculptor

Black,White,Gray Matter Assemblage Public Art - Melted Guns1 Kol Ami Star ChairMuse  City of Tampa Shadow Thoughts Kiley Gardens, Tampa Public Art Melted Guns2 Suspended OM Gallery Art-Miami Graphic Prints Early WordzWorkx Current Richard Brown Baker collection


Shadow Thoughts

Public Art

Melted Weapons

Black,White,Grey Matter

Public Art

Melted Weapons-2

 Portfolio at


Richard Brown Baker pointing to

Arthur’s “Steel Nails” saying

“This is the most honest piece I own”

Public Art


City of Tampa

Congregation   KOLAMi


Cypress Commons

Building- Tampa

Installation in Kiley Gardens

 Downtown Tampa -2011-2015

Found Object Assemblage

Early text-based pieces

Gallery Art Gallery

In Aventura, (Miami)

Graphic Prints